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SDG 17 targets: The easy step-by-step guide for building sustainable partnerships

By using the Global Goals guide, create your own action plan to tackle SDG 17 targets

Still wondering how on earth you’re going to find and create the right partners for your SDGs? Or maybe you’re not sure how to shape this partnership, identify the shared purpose or reach SDG 17 targets?

You’ve come to the right place, SDG warriors.

The official Global Goals website offers a concise SDG 17-breakdown for creating your own personal action plan. There are no less than 19 sub-targets to the SDGs!

But don’t worry, the step-by-step guide walks you through each one of them.

The good news is: This will assist you in achieving your SDG 17 targets!

The bad news, if we want to call it that: It might not be the easiest read. But trust us, it’s totally WORTH YOUR TIME and we’re here to help:

For instance, let’s talk resources, which is what target #1 is concerned with. Turns out that you CAN put all your eggs in one basket-in fact, you should. The long-term plan for sustainable finance development is domestic resource mobilization. Countries must reach the financial threshold of being able to raise and spend their own funds while helping their own society.

Target # 2 asks that we invest in the least developed countries. Official Development Assistance or ODA is like a helping hand that improves projects for better access to drinking water, health care, decent housing and more.

Target #3 calls out all the countries that only think about themselves. It states that collecting additional resources for countries that do not have as much as others, is NECESSARY. This target feels especially poignant with the backdrop of global energy and financial crises raging, and money being re-distributed to serve the wealthy even more than before. We have a responsibility to help those who need it.

Target # 4 and #5 demand that we assist countries in debt! Nations should unite to foster debt financing.
According to the United Nations, we should promote and share knowledge. That is where Target # 6 comes in. Everyone should be able to learn about the SDGs, right? Least developed countries first! How do we make that happen?


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With the help of sustainable technologies, developing countries can step closer to being independent is what target # 7 is for. A good example of environmentally sound technologies are solar panels or wind turbines. If countries that can offer help and has excess of renewal energy would unite, this target could be achieved more easily, right? Hence on mutual agreement the transfer or implementation of sound technologies offered to developing countries would help in achieving the target # 7.

A seemingly obvious goal, that still needs improvement is the next target # 8, which implements the UN Technology Bank. It calls for closing the gap of science, technology and innovation between the least developed countries and the rest of the world. There’s that INNOVATION gap again. That could be one of SDG 17 motto words, right? Why? Because innovative technologies can offer capacity-building mechanisms to countries in need of enabling technology. It’s 21st century after all…

Target #9 is one of the connectors – enhancing support for actually implementing the SDGs in developing countries. This is where all our support comes to light. With this target everyone can see how and in what way countries create partnerships to help with SDG implementation. Developing countries must feel secure and cared for. It can only be achieved by universalizing access to all basic needs like clean water, sustainable energy and sanitation.

We hope you know your alphabet. Now let’s get into letters.

Targets A, B and C aim to promote an open and non-discriminatory trading system. Under the World Trade Organization, the removal of trade barriers must be implemented. It means that all least developed countries have duty-free and quota-free market access. The iron curtain has no place in today’s world! By focusing on more simple and transparent imports and exports, the least developed countries will benefit greatly.

We must achieve global economic stability across the globe! That’s what target D says, at least. As with the SDG goals, all targets are connected with each other. So, for achieving macroeconomic stability, we must address the global inflation. Hello? Has someone let a toddler put random numbers on the price tags by playing can you guess the price?
Duty-free for all least developed countries? Finally. We’ll take two please!

When we look to Target E – enhancing policy coherence for sustainable development – what does that mean? Basically, the main part of decision-making process that relates to economic, social and environmental problems. It’s what most of our unhappy relationships are missing – communication. It’s commitment, cross-sectoral coordination, long-term considerations, policy coherence and alignment across all levels. Does this sound like the dream relationship? Because it is! And that is what we need to remember when integrating economic, social or environmental solutions. In other words, measure twice, cut once!

Target F is best not verbalized. We should simply embody it instead. This target is an invitation to meet each country’s rules and policies with respect. Borders and boundaries work better when we respect each other.

The next two targets G and H are all about enhancing and promoting long-term partnerships. That is our SDG 17!

Let’s continue building effective world-wide collaborations that will help level the playing field, drive the Agenda 2030 forward and offer generations after us a healthy place to raise their children.

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