SDG 17 and the UN Photo by Markus Spiske
UN News – Rescuing the SDGs Copyright Markus Spiske by Unsplash

SDG 17 and the UN: When K-Pop superstars, poets and Prime Ministers unite

UN General Assembly on turning around the global-crisis bus

“The world has a long ‘to do’ list” says António Guterres. SDG 17 and the UN calls out on the frozen SDG progress.

We have a video summary of the annual UN General Assembly regarding the “SDG Moment”. The main message: we must turn this global-crisis bus back on track as the world falls behind. You will be able to hear an SDG poem from a children’s activist, K-Pop superstar message and Priyanka Chopra Jonas remarks and try to hold your tears.

SDG 17 is when K-Pop groups, poets and Prime Ministers hold the same speech. It is when we all UNITE!

Year 2030 is approaching faster than ever. We know there has been a temptation to put the SDGs aside since the COVID pandemic and war in Ukraine, yet the article on SDG 17 and the UN, highlights why we cannot do that.

One of the forgotten ones SDG 17 is waiting to be remembered about!

This page presents a great article + UN video insights to alert your brain on how much shit is going down RIGHT NOW.

A call to children to lead a revolution and a super inspiring piece from UN Children’s Fund supporter Amanda Gorman. You won’t be able to watch it all without a single teardrop. SDG Advocates K-Pop stars BLACKPINK delivering a video message with a specific to-do list. On top of all that, UNICEF Ambassador Priyanka Chopra Jonas inspires us all to create the world we actually want to live in.

Short and simple, a call for SDG 17 in live action.