SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom
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SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach: CHEAT SHEET for SDGs

The perfect starting point – a CHEAT SHEET for conquering the SDGs and the AGENDA 2030

Got a favorite SDG? Which goal are you working on? Is it really only one? Alrighty, buckle up and prepare to have your mind blown.

What you’re about to find out is a bit of a cheat sheet, even though it shouldn’t be. The thing is, there is never just one SDG. In fact, once we understand that all SDGs are intertwined, we actually have a fighting chance at saving our planet.

All roads lead to Rome, right? So where is the AGENDA 2030 bus heading?

In this SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach cheat sheet, you’ll learn why it’s about the journey, not the destination. What is our journey? Duh! Saving the world, of course!

The SDGs are connected to each other like roads or highways. Knowing how they relate to each other, is like having a road map for the journey. To help us find our way, each SDG is presented on a separate sheet.

And, not to bust your bubble, but at the center of all these roads is SDG17, loud and clear it screams: “The world revolves around me!” Yeah, sorry, it’s not you.

Use your Nexus Approach as a cheat sheet to achieve the SDGs.

SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach examine the interactions between multiple players at the same time.

It’s the perfect starting point for those who are ready to accomplish the SDGs and Agenda 2030.

The Nexus Approach will show you why we need SDG 17 more than any other SDG.

SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach Photo by Austin Chan
This is your sign Copyright Austin Chan by Unsplash

SDG 17 is linked to all other SDGs and all of them hark back to SDG 17. Contemplating one SDG, means seeing all of them. There is no “other”. Weird, isn’t it?


Let’s start by taking a closer look at SDG 1 – No Poverty.

The goal speaks to the elimination of poverty in all its forms and for all people.

Now comes the Nexus Approach cheat sheet: There are 6 goals (not including SDG 17, remember?) directly linked to SDG1.

The most obvious goal first: SDG 2 – Zero Hunger. This one’s almost self-explanatory because achieving access to food for all, supporting small-scale farmers and the fair use of resources, brings us one step closer to achieving SDG 1.

What about SDG 5 – Gender Equality? Without equal rights for all, there’s limited access for most, and that means poverty. SDG1 would fail. So we must achieve gender equality by 2030 as well!

Take SDG 8. This goal calls for equal rights to economic resources for the poor.

How about SDG 11, which aims to guarantee access to transport systems and upgrade substandard living situations? We want to ensure that nobody lives in slums or shanty towns, or that they can’t get to work because they don’t have access to public transport. That way, they don’t live in-you guessed it-poverty.

SDG 13 is THE climate action goal, inviting us to tap into the climate resilience superpower and SDG 15 is looking to protect biodiversity in poorer areas. Some of the poorest countries require some of the most immediate climate action and their land is not protected. Again, SDG 1 would not be accomplished without SDG13.

The rest of the SDGs, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 are still very much linked to SDG 1. Even if not directly, they are all critical in achieving it. They’re just not quite part of the inner-city traffic lanes for immediately getting to the destination, in this case: SDG 1-No Poverty.

Yes, this is a very complex approach to get your head around, but is it really though? Aren’t all systems, stock markets, nations connected, even if we don’t always notice it?

Once we get that solving one SDG, solves many or most of the other SDGs, we recognize how much easier achieving the SDGs will be.

If you take your favorite SDG, dissect it like we just did here. As if by magic, the SDG Nexus Approach will becom

e obvious, and a life saver…Or even a screen saver for your laptop!

Okay, you don’t have to become an SDG nerd (but it’s totally allowed). Just stay curious!

To reach the AGENDA 2030, the Nexus Approach should inform every step you take.

Become an artist who connects inspiration and vision all the way to the final art piece, which is a happier and healthier planet.

Remember, even though we have chosen a specific goal, this SDG journey offers multiple roads to get there. Having multiple paths is important. Can you imagine how boring it would be, or how little we would accomplish, if we all would take the same road?

SDG 17 and the Nexus Approach Ed 259 Unsplash
Various roads to take Copyright Ed 259 by Unsplash

The fun with the Nexus Approach is hidden in the SDG of your choice. So, even if you feel like you’re working on only one SDG, you’ll see that you’re working on at least 3 or more! Isn’t that cool? Now you can also see why we at 17ACADEMY chose SDG 17.

SDG 17 is the one goal that connects everything. SDG 17 is responsible for the implementation of targets, goals, visions and inspirations. You might say SDG 17 is a meta-goal or, in musical terms, the conductor bringing the whole SDG orchestra together.

Start utilizing the resources right in front of you.

SDG17, a.k.a.

Partnerships for the goals!

We, you, us, we’re all on this journey together. So no getting off the bus early! Let’s be in it for the long haul.