SDG 17 and the AGENDA 2030 photo by Markus Spiske
One World Copyright Markus Spiske by Unsplash

SDG 17 and the AGENDA 2030: The earth that has had enough

World’s largest lesson – a video from the UN explaining why we should care about SDGs and the AGENDA 2030

With the help of SDG 17 and the AGENDA 2030, we must bring awareness to all humanity! And if your more of a visual learner, you will love the easily digestible video linked below.

The world’s largest lesson is all about the AGENDA 2030. And connecting with people, hence SDG 17. Why? Because SDG 17 and the AGENDA 2030 are meant to be together. By working in union we will achieve the main goal – saving this planet!

In only 6 minutes you will find out about why you should care about the SDGs. I mean, it’s easy. If you feel like being around on this planet for a while longer, you need clean water, fresh air, and food, right? If we are causing the problems, can we also fix them? I hope you believe in miracles.

How do we reach the AGENDA 2030?

The United Nations video suggests we must make the SDGs famous! Hence this is where the SDG 17 and sustainable networking comes in right? If we want to spread the word around, we must connect with people.

Start by watching this video, learning about the problems our mother earth is facing right now.

Start informing others! You don’t need to get all scientifical just be real. I’m sorry, but the world is a ticking time bomb. Even right while you’re reading this.

If you’re a teacher, lecturer, or anyone with a class of people, SHOW THEM THIS TOMORROW!

The AGENDA 2030 is reachable. If we all know about it. And about the 17 SDGs.

Be creative, think smart and outside the box!

We all live on earth, and we depend on the earth to live.