SDG 17 Registry Photo by Humphrey
SDG 17 and World Peace Copyright Humphrey by Unsplash kl

SDG 17 and Partnership Registry – The official partnership action registry

Get inspired by SDG partnerships and voluntary work across the globe

Here we get serious. This article will take you directly to the United Nations Partnership Platform journey. A global SDG 17 and Partnership Registry made by stakeholders.

We hope you have started your sustainability journey and can press the REGISTER NOW button. Show the world what have you done! If your only now starting, don’t worry! You can deep-dive into the world of SDGs and explore how others are trying to save the world.

Get inspired by many voluntary commitments that works towards saving this planet. Embody SDG 17!

In support of implementing the SDG’s, United Nations have combined an easily navigable registry tool.

They encourage all stakeholders to register collaborations and voluntary actions in the SDG 17 and Partnership Registry.

Do you know which Sustainable Development Goal has been in the spotlight and which has been left in the shadow? I can let you in a secret, the SDG 14 has been a top runner according to the registry. Life below water – nearly 3000 results. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious how countries are tackling ocean pollution or marine biodiversity conservation?

You can even apply filters and choose your “favorite” SDG, as if you could choose only one. But for us its easier, we 17ACADEMY support the SDG 17, so a glance on the website truly inspires our understanding of how various countries implement sustainable partnerships.

Try this tool out and maybe you can be the next one who adds to this Registry?