SDG 17 and Sustainable Development Partnership Guidebook Photo by Dmitry Ratushny
The SDG Partnership Guidebook Copyright Dmitry Ratushny by Unsplash

The ULTIMATE SDG 17 and Partnership Guidebook

The SDG Partnership Guidebook to help you become the master of sustainable partnerships

Here’s the real deal for you: A well-structured, visually appealing, and easily readable SDG 17 and Partnership GUIDEBOOK.

Clear guidance on the magic of SDG 17 multi-stakeholder partnerships delivering extraordinary results.

If you want to become the global partnership master and create high impact collaborations, be sure to dive-deep into the partnership guidebook available below.

United Nations delivering their best once again. Key building blocks of successful SDG 17 partnerships all available for you online. SDG 17 and Partnership Guidebook.

Even the writers themselves say that the rich material might seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry they have split it all into modules. Writers also suggest you adapt your approach to the material and new knowledge depending on your specific situation. See, they have thought about everything.

Either you are just starting to build sustainable partnerships, or you feel like a pro, this Partnership Guidebook will help you understand the terms, create partnership journeys, or refresh your knowledge. Sidenote. You get writer notes and suggestions when there’s super important stuff, like traditional vs transformational development explanation you should not skip.

Inspirational quotes, that leave you restless for wanting more:

“If you have not got a potential conflict, you probably should not be at the table.” Jon Pender, Vice-President Government Affairs, GSK. The SDG Partnership Guidebook.

The Guidebook was created to be used, so go get it tiger. At the end you can even review the “health” of a SDG 17 partnership.

How cool is that?