SDG 17 and mission EARTHSHOT Photo by Elena Mozhvilo
Generation Earthshot Elena Mozhvilo by Unsplash

THE mission of the decade must be launched now: SDG 17 and mission EARTHSHOT

Five EARTHSHOT Goals. Five environmental solution answers. Five mission EARTHSHOT Prize winners.

We have a mission. And you do as well. While you read this, we will start on reaching SDG 17 and mission EARTHSHOT.

The video below gives you straight up facts about how the time has come to start repairing our planet. Plus remember about the SDGs? It is all connected! Especially world-wide collaboration, SDG 17 and mission EARTHSHOT! The competition invites all students and teachers around the world to provide environmental solutions.

The best ideas will receive 1 million pounds. SAY WHAT? 1 whole million. Then let’s play who wants to be a millionaire.

Introducing Generation Earthshot – a global mission that invites students and their teachers to come together in earth saving masterplan!

Mission Earthshot Prize has been created and led by Prince William. The message about all SDGs must be delivered.

Prince William wants to make the SDGs famous: „Education is so important in protecting our planet. We need that collective confidence that pushes us forward and says we can do it.“

Every single year, the who wants to be a millionaire question must be answered.

Five Earthshot Goals. Five environmental solution answers. Five mission Earthshot Prize winners from anywhere in the world!

Are you going to choose the go wild and offer solutions or ask the audience option?

The choice is yours. But the timer is ticking! Even the video clearly states how earth has been screaming for help. However, the warnings are long gone. It is time to act NOW. Implement SDG 17 mindset!

SDG 17 and mission EARTHSHOT – short video for you to check out!

Collaborate and build sustainable network bridges, so we can all come together and repair our planet Earth!

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