SDG 17 and Fairtrade Photo by Jed Owen
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SDG 17 and Fairtrade: How innovative partnerships generate fairer trading

Fairtrade and small-scale farmers shows us how much the planet needs innovative partnerships

What would you do without your morning coffee? Can you imagine a world-wide coffee crisis? We sure can.

This article highlights how SDG 17 and Fairtrade are connected and why we can expect the unexpected. Find out how fairtrade’s goals relate to the SDGs. How we can support small-scale farmers. Most importantly, how do we solve the coffee crisis!? Jokes, jokes. The most important is for you to find out about the innovative partnership work Fairtrade does.

Fairtrade article on SDG 17 implementation finally delivers the forgotten point. “No one left behind” remember?

But turns out that big supply chains favor companies over farmers. By excluding a whole node out of the AGENDA2030 we risk losing one of the chain parts, hence losing the next one as well.

If you check out the article, you’ll find out that the food we love, the bio, eco and even farmers markets are not going to last long, if SDG 17 partnerships will not be implemented. SDG 17 and Fairtrade show how important it is to implement more sustainable relationships that grow in global perspective. For example, the European Union has selected Fairtrade as one of the more important nodes in advancing the SDGs.

By supporting Fairtrade, we can create more sustainable networking across governments and implement fairer trading practices.

The article offers you a better understanding of how important global, sustainable relationships across the SDGs are.

Are you ready to partner up and solve this global Fairtrade crisis?