SDG 17 and Experts Photo by Clay Banks
SDG17 Under the Magnifier Copyright Clay Banks by Unsplash

SDG 17 and Experts: find out why SDG 17 is the centerpiece

Let SDG17 be the flashlight on our path of saving the world

Under the magnifier – a close up explanation of all 17 SDGs while focusing on the SDG 17 and experts. All in the video created by the Griffith University. Grab a snack and listen to this 15-minute conversation between 3 female experts.

They explain the SDGs how, why and what is up with them. The special one being – SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals. Also, our favorite one. It’s obviously the best one. #TeamSDG17.

Put your trust in the SDG 17 and experts to find out why it’s so special and how sustainable global collaboration will help us reach AGENDA 2030.

Straight from the Griffith University, 3 female experts talk about the role of SDG 17.  They talk about how partnerships take time to get built, yet how we need to start working towards the greater goals faster. As you know, learning from mistakes is the best way. But too many mistakes we have made.

Now they suggest we focus on the real-life goals that have been achieved. SDG 17 and experts – here to help you comprehend how deeply rooted the problems actually are.

We must learn from each other. Educate each other. Collaborate. There is no time for mistakes!

All SDG problems are so large and multi-layered that they must be worked on in tune with each other.

Be sure to check it out and do not skip the 13:30 mark, as you will find out main elements for all SDG Partnerships! How can we all live sustainably and closely connected with our environment?

I’ll let you think about that, if you do not have an answer, WATCH THE VIDEO!