SDG 17 and Collaboration Photo by Nghia-Le
SDG 17 and Collaborations on saving the world Copyright Nghia-Le by Unsplash

SDG 17 and collaboration: How do we create the best partnerships ever?

Learn how to create transformational and sustainable partnerships

Hey, did you know that Rotterdam School of Management has developed online learning modules for the SDGs? The video on SDG 17 and Collaboration linked below (available for free, yes) dives into SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals.

Find out how SDG 17 and collaboration work, what are the challenges and how to make them better.

Don’t worry, the video is only 5 minutes long. Yet you’ll find out all about the transformational partnerships needed TODAY. Did I interest you?

Well, if not, then I guess you’re not the one who wants to make a change. BOO.

You better get ready to become the master of sustainable networking.

COLLABORATION. NETWORKING. PARTNERING UP. Not that there’s anything wrong with you being single. Sorry. CO-CREATION. All of these important words are the ones being highlighted in SDG and AGENDA 2030 masterplan.

This video will give you an overview of how these words fit in the saving of our planet. We all have a shared vision. One lets you imagine how the world ends in less than 10 years. The other one gives hope for all by achieving AGENDA2030 using set SDG action plans.

If you still think that this is bullshit and were overreacting, THINK AGAIN.

We need you to partner-up. Bring spark to your collaborations. Bring resources to the table. If you don’t have them, find a partner! Be courageous! Be SDG 17!

You cannot be shy if you want to save the world!