SDG 17 and Antonio Guterres Photo by Frederic Koberl
The UN Assembly Copyright Frederic Koberl by Unsplash

SDG 17 and Antonio Guterres: Rendezvous with global climate disaster

The UN Assembly where Antonio Guterres is not afraid to call out all polluters

Read about the 77th UN General Assembly where Antonio Guterres opens up about the paralyzed SDG action due to geopolitical tensions. And where has our SDG 17 gone? Why SDG 17 and Antonio Guterres want Partnerships for the goals?

Look around. Global problems are growing deeper, wider and further than ever before. Not only your energy bills are raising, cost-of-living on this planet is shooting trough the roof as well. The keyword you look for here is COALITION. If SDG 17 and Antonio Guterres would collaborate, the world would be saved. You’ll see why.

SDG 17 and Antonio Guterres calls all countries to unite: “No major global challenge can be solved by a coalition of the willing. We need a coalition of the world!”

UN News this time give us an overview of Antonios Guterres speech (including a video). He shows images of the Brave Commander – the ship that sailed the Black Sea with UN flag, carrying grain to African countries.

The vision becomes clearer.

The whole future of humanity is on board. WE CANNOT GO ON LIKE THIS.

The speech suggests how theres is an urgent need of the coalition of our world. Antonio Guterres is not afraid to call out all polluters and hold them accountable.

He says we will have a “rendezvous with a global climate disaster” if we don’t act now.

The biggest unfairness in all of this is how those who contributed the least to this crisis are suffering the most.

Prepare to collaborate and implement SDG 17! Find out his solutions, suggestions and future vision in this article of UN News.